You have question and we have answers; if your query isn’t covered below send us a note.  

Where is flirt located?

Flirt is a home based business; we’ve set up a great space keeping things private and professional.

We’re growing quickly and have aspirations of having our own location soon!

What method of payment do you accept?

Cash or Credit.  Sorry no debit at this time.

We use square register and accept all major credit cards.

How long should my hair be?

Ideally, about 1/4 inch long.

When in doubt, leave it a bit longer. For all you shavers out there -make sure to have quit two weeks prior to your appointment.

Should I do anything to prep?

Avoid applying creams or oils prior to the appointment.

As extra precaution we suggest no sun exposure to the areas 48 hours prior to your appointment, avoiding any additional discomfort.

Can I wax at “that” time of the month?

Yes, as long as all the precautions have been taken. Be advised that you will be more sensitive at this time.

Pro-tip: an asprin 30 minutes prior to can take the edge off.

What’s the difference… bikini, bikini plus, brazilian?

Bikini - is a basic tidy; we wax the sides (aka the panty line) and across the top.

No “peeking” hairs if you’re wearing a bikini.

Bikini plus - step above bikini allowing you to move those borders in as much or as little you like, just off the front.

Brazilian - everything from the front and all the way to the back . This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a little something on the front. Choose your style!

Ingrown hairs keeping you down?

Overtime with continuous waxing your hair will become finer – awesome.

…However, finer hair does have more difficulty  coming through the skin, exfoliating daily will definitely help.

We suggest exfoliating 48 hours post treatment.

Eager Beaver? 

If you're one of the few that like to arrive early, please note that we can only help you at the time of your appointment.

Sit back and relax.

So I need to cancel?

Things happen, we get it.

Just note that cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will be subject to a cancellation fee.