Brow $18

The middle , the tops and the bottom. Finishing with a trim.

Upper lip $12

You don’t need it..

 Chin $12

You don’t need that either..

The Full Mug $40

The eyebrow, the upper lip and the chin. Fresh.

Brazilian $48

Our signature . Everything or just a little  something .

Bikini Plus $33

Deep into the sides and some off the top.

Classic Bikini $25

Just the sides please.

Cheeky $25

The bum cheeks and everything in between.

The Full Monty $53

Full brazilian including the bum cheeks and everything in between.

Under Arm $15

The 5 o’clock shadow..not cute

Half Arm $30

From the elbow to the hand

Full Arm $40

from the hand to the shoulder.

 Lower Back $15

Rock those low rise jeans.

Full Leg $50

bikini line to the toes.

Upper Leg $32

Them thunderous thighs.

Lower Leg $25

The knee to the ankle


Manicure $40

Classic clean up and O.P.I polish

Gel Manicure $50

Hard on your nail? minimize those chips!

Pedicure $58

The works and your O.P.I polish.

Gel Pedicure $65

The works, A little extra protection to ensure beach perfection.


Facial $75

Treat your best accessory, Enjoy this full hour that’s all about you.

Lash Tint $25

Tired of that mascara running?

Brow Tint $10

Because you should be able to go swimming without your brows coming off.

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